Monday, January 10, 2011

Psychic Readings Over The Internet

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Psychic readings have been famous throughout history and even today they have a position of their own. Be it the octopus predicting the Fifa World Cup 2010 would have Espanola engraved on it or be it the tarot card reader who tells you that your husband might be cheating on you with your best friends. Psychic readings are everywhere.

A psychic is a person who with the help of extra sensory perception, or ESP, perceives the future and the past of an individual and then accordingly guides him or her to take advantage of an opportunity or to fight the threat. Using the abilities of such gifted people a person can very well stabilize and establish their lives. The advantage however does not come without a cost. These psychics find a way of earning in their giftedness and it is only fair for them. After all, if you use the skill of an accountant you pay. If you utilize the skill of a freelancer, you pay. Why should using the skill of a psychic be any different? A psychic can easily shut him or herself in a room and focus only on his or her life. But mostly they do not do that because psychics choose to extend the benefits of their gift in order to help out and disentangle the lives of other human beings. And if they ask for a financial reward in return then it is only fair.

However, the world is full of evil and fraud people who do not care about the lives or reputation of any. They lead their lives with their own selfish motives without the consideration of what their actions might bring to the other people.

Such people have not left the field of psychic readings too. Today in the world of internet and other quick means of communication, it is very easy to get a psychic reading about your life. Various mediums are now available and with one click of a mouse, you can send your details to a psychic reader without actually having to meet him or her. This then has its disadvantages because you don’t really get to know if the person you are paying over the internet or the person you are sending your private details to is reliable or not. What then is the accurate medium of sending your information and getting accurate psychic readings is a matter of not only choice but also luck.

Luck is mentioned here because yes, if once you find an accurate medium of sending and retrieving psychic information from a reliable psychic reader, your life can pretty much is settled. Psychic readings are available over the internet, as advertisements or as a separate web page. They are also available on phone text or calls. Further, they are available over the newspapers. All are accurate mediums because reliable people are available on each one of them to guide you through your life accurately. However, you should know how to filter away the frauds.

How To Get The Best From A Psychic Medium Reading

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If you are wishing to contact a loved one in spirit this can help you to grieve and also give you the truth if you are curious. The world of spirit communication is nothing new yet it is still very much shrouded by mystery due to its mystical nature. Here you can find reassurance and solid advice about getting a psychic medium reading, it may be the best experience of your life, ensure you follow this guide to ensure this is possible. Getting the most out of contact with those from the other side needn’t be problematic if you approach it in the right way.

A medium communicates with those who have passed to the other side. When we go through the transition or physical death many believe it is the end, however it is not, your soul or spirit and certainly your core personality will survive death and you will reside in a spiritual plane. It is these spirit bodies that a medium can communicate with and the messages from which bring great joy and comfort to millions around the world. Modern day society and indeed the church mock and paint this activity in a bad way yet this type of service to mankind is the ultimate and changes lives for the better each and every time.

If you want to receive the services of a medium by far the greatest way that involves the most choice is by having a phone medium reading, a medium can connect to your loved ones any way it doesn’t matter if you are not sitting in front of them.

A medium will use all of their energy to contact the spirits relevant to you and to provide evidential information. The best mediums will be able to give you a fast flow of information and some even dates and streets and also names.

Always get a reading from a psychic medium who has a lot of experience in the field, a reader who offers tarot and also psychic readings should be looked at very carefully as a true medium will usually only offer spirit side communications.

Always have a pad and a pen handy and write down notes you may also be offered the chance to receive a copy of the reading on an audio cd and this is a good way to keep the reading as if you have a 30 minutes reading you may forget some parts. A good medium will allow you to ask questions once they are into the reading.

Good evidence from the psychic medium will include memories that only you and the spirit body know of and special memories and locations that will be described which are instantly identifiable. Even if you do not feel the medium has given you the best evidence do not be put off and also remember a medium cannot summon a particular person those in spirit come only when they want to and cannot be called, but in time you will have contact from the one you want.

The Real Psychic World

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The science of psychics isn’t simply for the use of spiritual readings; it has a far deeper and more profound meaning. The real psychic world is one which finds its roots tethered within ancient history and the essence of mankind itself.

The human being is composed of body, soul and spirit. The body is what we feel, the soul is our mind, and the spirit is our etheric body which is an exact duplicate of our flesh body. The etheric body when it leaves the human shell, remains alive and conscious, it is fact that the material world is simply an intrusion into the region of space and is also very temporary and is indeed the training ground for those on the mortal plain. There is no decay in the spirit realms it is only the physical which decays so what does suggest about the eternal spirit realms – it indeed outlines the proposition that our world as we know it is simply of less value than that of the spirit realms.

The psychic world around us is very real it is simply unseen. The church is content to have us live in ignorance and this is why psychics and mediums are mocked. At a basic level we are all of spirit or etheric body, we shall all pass to the spirit realms regardless of belief, this fact about who and what we are has remained shrouded in mist by the powers that be. The facts of life exclude the spiritual side and it is only few who hear the call and even less who answer it.

The etheric world will commence attention as the years roll on, it is a new science, a psychic science which is governed by its own universal laws. A new threshold of thought is approaching as we have now entered the Aquarian age.

The jeers and contempt of the non believers will turn to cheers as the public begin to examine more closely the spirit realms due to the accumulation of undeniable facts. It is true man fears what he does not understand, we fear death, we fear that we shall simply end and we fear old age as it is a marker within itself of our impending demise. However the physical death is a graduation of that person soul back into the realms from which it came from and should be cause for celebration.

As the new Aquarian age dawns, a new wave of thinking is beginning to emerge and science shall soon marry the lines of thought into psychism.

Psychical research is divided up into various elements, one is telekinesis which concerns the movement of physical objects with out any contact physically, another is with mental abilities which are trance mediumship where a departed spirit manifests within a mediums body implanting the actual features of the spirit as it once was on the physical plane. Others include clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy, and it is these skills which are already being respected and used in the modern world for psychic readings.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Real Mediums

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You may be wondering exactly what a real medium is. Well it is a person who has done channelling and can connect to people who has passed onto the spirit world. A real medium can give you a ‘sitting’ where you go to them for a reading and then will try to connect to someone from your family or friends who has passed on.

A real medium cannot guarantee that they will be able to connect when you go for a reading, because it may not happen if spirit are not willing or unable to give you any information. However most of the time you will be connected to someone from the spirit world. It doesn’t always have to be someone who you particularly know, as it can be anyone from a great granddad to a distant uncle.

When you get messages coming across from the medium to you, at first it can seem a bit strange, but after a while after you have been given some messages, you will get used to it. You may not know at first what spirit is talking about as they don’t always give you messages that you can understand. It may be that the medium is given a message that is offering her some flowers, and they will tell you this.

You may not know what the flowers mean, but someone else in the family may. It is usually symbols that spirit give to you and it is up to the medium and you to decipher what is being said or shown. Sometimes you do get very clear messages saying that someone is going to have a baby or move etc but sometime it is just symbols. It is very worthwhile going to a medium if you have loved ones that have passed on.

You will come away assured that life does really go on after you have passed away. It is a very comforting feeling to know that your loved ones are still around you and can see and hear you. That is why people go to a medium so they can communicate with you through spirit. So if you are wanting to speak to someone in the spirit world or just want reassurance that they are okay, then find a real medium who will be able to do this for you.

Make sure that you bring some notes with you so you don’t forget what to ask the medium. Try to be positive and always keep an open mind. Don’t bombard the medium with questions, just let them tell you what they are being shown. You can find a real medium either at your local Spiritulist Church or through the Internet. If you don’t have a local Spiritulist Church then go online and look for a medium.

Make sure that they have some feedback from satisfied customers and to see if they are what you are looking for. Once you book up a reading then you will be pleasantly surprised at what a real medium can tell you.