Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How To Get A Great Psychic Reading Every Time

Find more with these links Psychic Readings Phone Psychics Tarot Reading here As a first step, you need to find a good, reliable psychic. This can be achieved either by consulting friends or relatives for recommendations, or by visiting a variety of sites on the internet, paying particular attention to reviews and user testimonials. Many of these sites will give you a choice to speak to someone via a freephone number, enabling you to find out more about available psychics, their skills and other questions you may have before making a decision. A genuine, reputable company will usually also have a non connection policy, relating to the possibility of energies between reader and user not blending well, in which case another person will be supplied without incurring an extra charge. Your own approach and input will also make a huge difference in the outcome of a reading. Anger, negativity or an attempt to simply test the reader will create a barrier of bad energies, thus blocking him or her and making it impossible for them to connect properly with you. Traffic of energy is meant to be flowing freely in both directions in order to ensure a successful session. Being relaxed and letting your guard down are equally important to allow a free flowing exchange of energy, which is one of the reasons phone readings are becoming so popular - it is far easier to be relaxed in familiar surroundings, like your home, for instance. Many also find it easier to drop their defences over the phone, rather than being face to face with another person. Having a list of the questions you wish to have answered, preferably ordered by priority, ready at hand will help both you and the individual doing the reading. Occasionally, you may be asked questions in order to clarify an aspect of your situation. It is important to answer these freely and honestly - remember, they are not here to judge but to provide guidance. Approach the session with an open mind, sometimes answers seem to be irrelevant at first and only make sense when you reflect on them later. It has been known for a user to subconsciously submit a problem relating to another person or situation to the reader without actually meaning to. Ensuing answers, while not making sense at the time, were later found to relate to this person/ situation, thus making perfect sense after all. This is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to take notes during your reading or tape the session (with the readers permission, naturally). Notes not only give you a valuable tool to reflect on, they also enable you to clarify or verify things, as well as making it possible to look back at a later date to check if predictions were correct or have been successfully avoided. Do not be afraid to hear things of a negative nature. The future is not something set in stone, and being forewarned will make it possible for you to avoid disasters by making better, more informed choices. http://psychicsights.blogspot.com/